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The entire process should only take about less than 10 minutes. If you have a Word document open at the same time you can easily copy and paste the text from one to the other. Once you have registered, you can re-visit asiapower.in/jobs as often as you like to add / modify details to your CV.
To add your details to asiapower.in/jobs you will need to complete a section for each piece of different data. That is a section for each different period of education, a section for each different period of employment or different position held, a separate section for each reference you are offering, a section in which you can provide a summary of your career to date and future aspirations and a section regarding your permission to work in UAE/Other Countries.
As you create your own CV within asiapower.in/jobs you can review your progress at any time by clicking on Print Preview.
Use of the information you add to asiapower.in/jobs will be covered by the terms outlined in the Privacy Statement available on the system.

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